MPLSAP forma parte del programa Academy Cube


It will link students with job offers from partner companies across Europe.
The Masters in SAP ERP Logistics Project Management at the University of Rey Juan Carlos will be part of the Academy Cube initiative, the only title that gets itself a part of this ambitious project.
The Cube Academy aims to be the bridge between young people with university education and the technology industry in order to create a stronger and more competitive Europe. It aims to identify young talent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics),facilitating additional training of high value and keeping them in touch with the most important European companies.

Origin of Academy Cube

The European Commission announced that in 2015, Europe will have a shortfall of 700,000 professionals trained in the area of ICT.Therefore, the private sector has decided to invest in the training of unemployed professionals to meet this demand. This is the case of Academy Cube , a public-private initiative promoted by companies such as SAP , Microsoft or Bosch and the European Unión. Academy Cube counts with the support of about 30 leading IT and manufacturing industries, European academic institutions and government agencies that share the common goal of providing 100,000 young talents with entrepreneurial qualities that employers are looking for. Based on the technology of the SAP Cloud portfolio, the platform unites students and job offers from associated companies and provides them with an advanced training, enabling them to meet the specific competencies and job applications.

Platform unites students and jobs of associates and provides advanced training, enabling them to meet the specific competencies and job applications. Academy Cube offers young professional development courses in Engineering and Information Technology, made according to the skills and competencies needed in today’s companies; information is provided to students about the various existing options to develop their career in the IT sector in Germany or other European countries; and job offers.

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